My name is Jeremy

To be honest, i wasn’t sure about what to write in the about me page, other than the common standard’s as to the ‘who am I’. So, I figured out that I would just do a freestyle writing about myself as a person, before being the photographer guy.

I was born in Africa, in a country called Eritrea. Raised in the Netherlands in a town called Leiden. Approximately 25 min away from Amsterdam.

I have a son. His name his Jenoah. I try to spoil him every now and then because I guess that’s the cliché what most guy do who didn’t have the opportunity of growing up with a father themselves. 

I was always a little bit into art. Not so deep though. I used to write poets and other text a lot as a form of expressive creativity. In my younger years I started drawing Anime characters every now and then. I would pause my dragon ball z DVD at an expressive moment and would draw the images I saw on tv.

Other than that, I’ve always been the guy who took the snaps with this mobile phone rather than being on the photo. Why? Because I thought, and still think others take crap photos of me lol.

Anyway, I started intensively shooting at the very beginning of the pandemic. I had some extra free time and took some shots of my son and my gf. One thing led to another and before I knew it i was shooting everybody with a second camera I bought.

That’s when i and others noticed the rising quality in my work.

I hope you can see that too. Not only do I click the shutter button; I visualize, direct and edit my pictures to an end result.

But enough about me… Lets talk about you!

I look forward to learning more about you in the future and working on your next photoshoot opportunity, event, precious moment or memorable day!

Thank you for your time,

Jeremy Jacob